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Video Production

Longisquama  -  Evolution of Life


Longisquama’s Imagination is a production company specializing in all phases of video production. Our work experience, is in both documentary and fiction films, including music and promotional videos. To this day we have accumulated projects on a variety of topics and in various genres, ranging from the usual themes of weddings and fashion, to the esoteric dance of the Sufi, all united by the unmistakable signature of L.I.

There is nothing that is ordinarily usual. No event is something that will be forgotten when filmed by Longisquama’s Imagination. Yet filming is only half of the process, if desired hand the material over to our professional editing team and within no time at all:

  • You will have a favorite moment in this transient life to experience anew. A grand vision for a priceless memory that you will be able to share with loved ones.

  • An addition to your portfolio to show potential employers,

  • We also are an interactive community that highly encourages mutual creativity, with benefits for all those who are involved. We accept scripts for short films that will be looked at for possible realization.

  • A chance to promote yourself as screenwriter, actor.

“Voices of Water”

Documentary, Post-Production, cir.38:00min.


Fiction/short. Post Production, 10:43 min.

“March 8th, 2011 - Somewhere in Moscow”

Promo for www.riamoda.ru -2:30 min.


Documentary trailer/Music Video. 03:24 min.


Fashion Promo. Collection Première Moscow. 02:31 min.

“My Jungle Wedding”

In India, a couple has a marriage they have always dreamed of. 09:58 min.

“RFW – Russian Fashion Week.”

Fashion Promo. 05:29 min.

“Jewelry and Art.”

Promo. 09:33 min.

ABOUT: L.I. was created when two individuals met. Their mutual love for cinema and the process of creating it, along with a keen desire and firm rooted determination to explore cinema as an art, were the basic fundamental aspects of how this union came to be - may the boundless form of undiscovered potential and forever expanding means of self-creation flourish.

Seeking to spread our love for FILM through our work to a wider audience.



Longisquama’s Imagination is:

Producer: Elizaveta Kuznetsova

Director: Daniel Anderson

Editor: Lipa Popova

Cinematographer: Alexander Zeyss

Artist: Konstantin Sharkov

Sound: Vera Vasilyenko

Technical Support: Alexander Kuznetsov


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